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College Consultants provide individual support and guidance to find the “best fit” college – one that provides a challenging and appropriate academic environment, a socially stimulating campus, and costs within the family budget.There is no fee for the initial phone interview. For our first meeting you will be asked to email or bring me general information about your child (transcript, resume -if available, etc.), the campus environment you are considering, and any special circumstances of which I should be aware. There is a fee of $250 and the meeting lasts as long as necessary to answer your questions and address your concerns. 

Included in the fee: 


If we agree to work together, a check or money order is due at our second  meeting. All email exchanges and virtual meetings and weekly in person meetings are included in the consultation fee quoted. Families usually feel satisfied with their outcomes after three or four meetings at which time I meet with the student. Parents are always welcome to attend. No guarantee is ever made regarding institutional decisions or outcomes.


There is no additional fee for returning students seeking transfer or a gap year after or those who decide to add colleges once the initial applications are sent.


If your family is Pell eligible or eligible for free or reduced lunch, please call for special rates.


Middle School Students


Families who are considering pre-high school  curriculum and activities to best prepare their child for the rigor of high school and the opportunity to take advanced courses during high school.


High School Students


Families seeking assistance with the college process.  Families seeking Gap Year, Summer Program, scholarship and other information independent of the admission process. 

College Students

New clients seeking transfer information and assistance.   


Students who did not complete their undergraduate education and wish to explore opportunities to return to college            

International Students


Students attending high school in the States whose parents live abroad- please call for a fee structure comparable to the domestic rate. The caveat is that we may need to meet more often and will need to determine your ability to visit college campuses. Most sessions will be virtual. 

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